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Every piece of information you will view on this Weblog is FACT, there is no rumour or third party information posted here, just FACTS from Canadian Government, Verified Media Reports (Around the World)and from the Verified Muslim Media (Photographs).
The photographs you will be viewing will be horrific but necessary for you to make an informed decision about voicing your concerns to your respective Government officals for change. Islam and other violence based religions must come into the 21st Century, and adapt some of their violent policies and doctrines to changing modern values, like most major religions have. This is vital in order for all people to live peacefully in our modern society. If these religions choose to live and act out their atrocities of the Medieval Dark Ages, then Islam has no place in modern society period and Islamists must be left to their own devices as they eradicate themselves within their own Muslim dominated countries and to stay out of our Western Society!

Here are the FACTS;

Fact: Islam, A religion founded in the Dark Ages, like most major world religions at that time and includes portions of this Islamic religion that espouses "Violence against Women & Non-Islamics (Infidels)" has no place in Modern Society.

Fact: The Majority of the World's Religions have evolved to fit within the "Norms of Modern, peaceful and prosperous Western Society", Islam has not chosen to do so, and vehemently insist (Some using threats of violence and terrorism) their religion "MUST and WILL" have it's place "Permanently Ingrained" in Western Society.

Fact: You will be able to judge for yourself by visiting Media article LINKS to the right of this Blog under Islamic Doctrine and Atrocities. These links are not for the "Faint of Heart", but necessary for the World to see a Society bent of Destruction.

Fact: If one checks the Internet on "Islamic Countries at War", you will find every predominately Islamic country is at war or civil unrest in one form or another.

Fact: Islam members are over a Billion Strong.

Fact: All True Muslims are affiliated to Islam.

Fact: Many Islamics can and do disobey every doctrine in the Koran (And "Most do" for their own selfish purpose) and are only required to answer to their God when at the gates of heaven to explain their actions.

Fact: Most Modern Followers of any Religion, Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Jewish, Hindu, Buddist, Orthodox Greek, Russian do not strictly adhere to their Religion and adapt to social customs in some respects. Example: Catholics in the Military can eat meat on Friday. Most religions state various edicts commonly broken by many of the worlds religious followers, though these edicts broken, normally do not include murder, rape, ethnic cleansing of infidels of neighbouring countries who are not of the same faith. This is the way of Islamic Extremists, No if ands or buts.

Fact: Imams state to the Free World that Islam is a peaceful religion, if this were true, then why is every Islamic country at war committing unspeakable atrocities against their own people and Non-Islamics Worldwide.

Fact: Imams state if you give your life to Islam (Jihad) a Thousand Virgins await you in Paradise.

Innuendos: What if all the Thousands of Virgins are men? This makes sense as most Islamic Males who are Suicide Bombers are supposedly Chaste and Pure, hence Virgins. Imams never stated the Thousands of Virgin's gender. Wouldn't that be a kick in the "Nibbly Bits" to find that out when you reach paradise. Visions of Midnight Cowboy Be Praised to Islamists who choose to Jihad.

Fact: Any Religion that believes if killing themselves for Islam in the hopes of getting in bed with a Thousand Adoring and Willing Virgins in Paradise. Really needs to give their Head A Shake or exist at the bottom of the social food chain.

Fact: Islam Religion (if you read the Koran) has never and will never be a Tolerant Religion to Non-Islamics, where ever Islamics reside, whether in their Country or Yours.

Fact: All Muslims practise the Islam religion.

Fact: Not all Muslims are radical extremists, many are liberal in their beliefs when living in Western Society and follow the laws in their adopted country.

Fact: Majority of Imam's advocate violence if they interpret, preach and follow the Koran's letter of the Law.

Fact: Imams preach that Islamic Law will always take precendence over any other Democratic Laws in Western Society or any other Country in which Islamists choose to live in.

Fact: Women have no legal rights under Islam.

Fact: Honor Killings and Murders of Convenience against Islamic Women in North America and Europe is becoming widespread. Though common in Muslim Countries as a daily occurence.

Fact:Honor Killings and Murders of Convenience against Islamic Women Worldwide is a common and daily occurrence.

Fact: This blog is not racist against Muslims as individuals.

Fact: This Blog will only state verifiable Media reports and recent History (1980-present) of countries under Islamic Law.

Fact: Rumours and Innuendo (except one rumoured innuendo I entered in this blog) on Islam will not be posted in this Blog whatsoever. Only Facts will be posted.

Fact: All Ancient Religions at one time or another that espoused Violence, including Christian and Jewish faiths may not be perfect, but followers of most of these religions have evolved as a people and modified their religious beliefs knowing past doctrines made a thousand years ago and longer certainly have no place in Modern Society. Islam must do the same in order to co-exist in a modern society and as a people.

Question: Does the Islam Religion in it's present form have a place in your Free and Democratic country?

Answer: No

If after reading an extremely small sample of my Islamic Media Links to the Right side of my Blog should convince you of this growing epidemic.

Politicians of every stripe know what is going on in the Islamic World and choose to turn a Blind Eye in order to not offend anyone or to secure the Islamic Ethnic Vote in order to get elected into office.

The choice is yours, If we are not part of the Solution, then we as a Democratic Peoples are part of the Problem. Peoples Cultures are in our Hands, speak up.

COMMENTS: To viewers of this Blog, please exercise your Democratic Right as Citizens and "POST A COMMENT" either for or against Islamic doctrines, all comments will "NOT" be moderated. So please refrain from Racist overtones.

Thank your for visiting this blog.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Canadian Terror suspect freed from jail

Terror suspect freed from jail
CanWest News Service
Published: Saturday, April 14, 2007
A Federal Court judge has ordered the release of yet another suspected terrorist, allowing alleged Egyptian Al Jihad member Mahmoud Jaballah to live at his residence in Toronto under house arrest while he awaits deportation.
The judge said the Egyptian's many contacts with terrorists supported the government's view he was "a person of reasonably senior status" in the Al Jihad, the main component of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda.
But the judge said Jaballah was unlikely to be deported anytime soon because of ongoing concerns he might be tortured in Egypt.

He will be released only if he agrees to strict conditions that include electronic monitoring and $43,000 in bonds posted by several people, including: his son; James Loney, the Christian activist who was held hostage in Iraq; and eight others.
Imam Aly Hindy was not allowed to post bail because the judge said he had made statements that infer he defends Islamic terrorism.
On Thursday, another Egyptian terror suspect, Mohamed Mahjoub, was released to live at home under similar conditions.

Here is a footnote:
Janice Tibbetts, CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, April 13, 2007

TORONTO -- It is a myth that Canadian courts are soft on crime or that the Charter of Rights is responsible for felons escaping conviction or receiving light jail terms, says Canada's chief justice, Beverley McLachlin.

and this related story...

Criminals will never register their guns
By Mike Jenkinson CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, April 13, 2007
So National Comment Editor Paul Berton wants, as he noted in yesterday's POV, an "open debate about the future of the (gun) registry, gun control and policing in Canada."
Well, that debate has been going on ever since the Chretien Liberals brought in the billion-dollar boondoggle.
Every firearms killing in Canada results in newspapers from coast to coast getting hundreds of letters from the law-abiding firearms owners of Canada decrying the registry because it doesn't prevent crime.

This Bloggers Opinion in all this...and letter published in the Sun Newspaper
My goodness that is so terrible, let me write my MP immediately so the government can issue a stern warning in the "Criminal Underworld Newsletter" informing them of this glaring omission, so that criminals can immediately rectify this mistake. I have another idea, perhaps all ammunition should come with a warning "All criminals must register their illegal Handguns immediately" so Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin can pull her head out of her ass and put this myth that Canada is not soft on crime.
Tax receipts will be issued upon compliance. Here is another myth Ms. Santa Claus-Cheif Justice, it's a myth that Indo Canadian Women are being murdered by their husbands for expressing their independance and repeat sex offenders are never released into communities and Terrorists are punsihed and not allowed bail to libve at home with Munny and Daddums. Oh yeah, Elvis isn't dead, he works at my local 7-11.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Reasons why Herouxville, Quebec, Canada implemented a Town Charter against Cultures who do not wish to adapt to Canadian Society

Herouxville, Quebec, Canada, implemented a Town Charter, stating to all immigrants who whose to live among them that they will all be welcome, but must adapt to Western Culture. Support for Herouxville has been overwhelming the world over, even from Muslim women and Non-Muslim women living in fear of speaking their minds.

The Authors of this Blog has provided a Link to Herouxville for readers to view this Town Charter and other information on Herouxville, Quebec (Top Right of This Blog).

Below is a copy of the reasons why Herouxville Citizens took this drastic, but much needed action we should all be taking;

Dear Visitors to our Town Charter weblog. The face on the woman in the Photo speaks volumes about the loving doctrines of Islam.

What started Herouxville drafting a Herouxville Town Charter this year,began in part due to a number of issues reported in the media this year (2006-2007) affecting all Canadians, below is just a small brief summary of the Canadian media reported FACTS;

FACT # 1
Ms. Manji an outspoken and practising Canadian Muslim woman and authour in the media has received numerous death threats from Islamist organisations and or members of the Muslim community. Herouxville citizens were dismayed that in this day and age a Canadian who speaks her mind frankly would be targeted by a so called benevolent religion of Islam.

FACT # 2
Quebec Bureaucrats felt a similar threat from Imams and the Muslim community over Veils not being removed during voting at the polls, Herouxville stated in the media, to install female polling members at voting stations would resolve all this, but of course that story never made the light of day in the media.

FACT # 3
Canadian Politicians were actually serious in considering allowing Shari Law in the Canadian Courts to accommodate Muslim Men, anyone who knows about Sharia Law, knows it's brutality.

FACT # 4
Accommodation for certain religious cultural issues in the media reported that Female Police officers, Female Prison Guards and female Military personnel must use discretion when dealing with men of certain religious cultures who do not wish females in authority to question them, touch them, arrest them as it is demeaning to their religious belief, and to "Please call a man to do this"!

Herouxville citizens as well as Canadians were outraged by this, and feel any person male or female who risk themselves and put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life and country must submit to such disrespect and degradation in not allowing to fulfill their sworn duties as policewomen, soldiers and other enforcement personnel is a travesty to all of us in Canada. Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

FACT # 5
Cultural and Honour Killings of women in Vancouver, and Toronto a few times a year featured in the media. Well being a small town where everybody knows one another, a meeting was held as Herouxville felt if this a vision of things to come, when the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms state all are equal in the eyes of god, well Herouxville watched that little piece of paper go right into the toilet as Politicans were considering Sharia Law which state not all are equal in the eyes of God, because religious beliefs insist on special treatment and accommodation of Muslim men.
Again, Herouxville felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages.

A Female teacher who disciplines a Muslim boy must respect his belief women are inferior to men, because of his culture. Once again,Herouxville citizens felt if this type of accommodation were to continue against women, they would be reduced to a laughing stock by men who would relish in seeing women go back to the dark ages. Herouxville are not against any religious faith per say. as long as it does not degrade or prevent others from living in peace and prosperity. But the Islamic faith not allowing children, boys and girls to socialize, swim together, interact as human beings. By prohibiting this boys will think they are special, and later superior and grow up to treat all Canadian women as subservient and as second class citizens. What else are Herouxville citizens to think? If Muslim boys and Men do not believe women are equally as smart, with the only role model they will ever be exposed to is a Islamic forced belief that subservient mother and sisters are a way of life. This is contrary to Canadians morals and way of life in Herouxville and every Civilized Western Society.

Intelligent Muslim women, knowing the culture they live in certainly see the
oppression as well as the beauty of Canadian life, but sadly the oppression is starting to rear its ugly head in Canada and Western Society as a whole.
Routine Canadian cultural killings and treating any women as chattel, and who are our beloved grandmothers, wives, sisters, aunts, teachers and lovers must stop immediately.

Canadian Television Journalist and Personality “Michael Coren” held a panel discussion with religious leaders and religious authourities. A Canadian (Toronto) Islamic stated that all Canadians should embrace Islam and then stated “Sharia Law” should be in Canadian Law, along with the televised statement in which he replied it was okay to behead a woman for marital indiscretions (if the man had 4 male witnesses to attest to it). Herouxville citizens realize it does not take Rocket Scientist to figure out that how many of his Muslim friends would side with him in his quest for a speedy divorce and instant bachelorhood/Widowhood (In their goal to behead this mans wife) and then this Islamic Imam states again his wish that all Canadians embrace and convert to Islam. This Imam actually says this to Canadians on Television! Herouxville citizens horrified, decided to speak up, since no one else (Ethnic vote grabbing politicians) was at the time and say "NOT IN OUR TOWN", enough is enough for accommodation for cultural groups. Last time Herouxville checked this was still Canada. Our policy is all are welcome regardless of culture with the caveat; Adapt or don't move to Herouxville, Quebec, Canada. If Herouxville does not to speak up, who will? Who would be next on this Islamic hit list? Gays, Nay sayers to Islam, Non-Muslims?

Issue #8
Islam refuses to evolve with modern society.
The majority of religions that were developed and suited everyone in the Dark Ages have to evolve with modern times, we feel Islam, and other similar religions should as well. Of course our society is not perfect, but you know, Western Society as a whole are living in relative peace and prosperity, yet virtually every single Muslim country is in turmoil, turmoil caused by religious strife, even against each other.
How can Islamists state their way of life is peaceful? This is no way to live!
Muslims need to evolve, otherwise Canada is next as this problem is currently happening in Europe, so the time to stop it is now!

There is enough violence against women in society (Serial Killer Pickton Trial) across Canada caused by Canadians without having this Islamic belief in the forefront. Gays would certainly be next in this accommodation, as would be anyone else who is contrary to their beliefs. Who knows where it will end?

In ending who stood up to the inaction of Politicians and Bureaucrats? No one except Herouxville, and upon learning many other accommodations in the works to appease Islamic Men, Herouxville decided enough is enough, no more accommodation, adapt and live as civilized human beings in our Western Society or go back to your home country. Herouxville citizens strongly believe when in Rome, live as a Roman, with the utter respect for all with the same rights, sexual orientation, privileges for all, your here, your Canadian, not a hyphenated Canadian, get used to it.

Herouxville had a Town Hall meeting, and following an overwhelming vote by it’s citizens drafted the Herouxville TOWN CHARTER. Hence the struggle begins…. Herouxville feel if you are not part of the solution, then You as a citizen of the free world are part of the problem if you allow these atrocities to continue. An email or letter to your politicians and the media insisting this Town Charter be implemented as "Federal Canadian Law" is a first step of many in safeguarding our way of life and security as Canadians.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saving face as South Asian women die in Canada

Saving face as South Asian women die in Canada
Domestic violence; 'Gender bias' alleged as B.C. A-G speaks out
Brian Hutchinson, National Post
Published: Saturday, April 07, 2007

VANCOUVER - Wally Oppal, B.C.'s Attorney-General, called it a "cancer" in the province's Indo-Canadian community. He was speaking about domestic violence. Specifically spousal assault: Husbands beating their wives. Sometimes killing them.

For being blunt, Mr. Oppal was taken to task by some of his fellow Indo-Canadians. They implied he was a self-loathing traitor to his ethnicity and culture.

That was five months ago, after a string of murders and violent episodes involving Indo-Canadians in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. Two women had just lost their lives, allegedly at the hands of their husbands. Another Indo-Canadian woman had been shot in the face and was permanently blinded. Her husband then shot himself and died.

Paramjit Singh Ghuman had already been charged once for beating his wife, Gurjeet Kaur Ghuman, a Port Coquitlam nurse. Mr. Ghuman was on bail at the time he committed his final assault.

And now two more women have been killed. On Thursday, about 70 women gathered in Vancouver's Punjabi market to honour the deceased and to protest the violence that continues. Indo-Canadian women continue to die, apparently for no reason other than being young, independent of spirit -- and married to Indo-Canadian men.

Navneet Kaur did not show up for work last week in Phoenix, Arizona. Her husband, a Vancouver man named Avtar Grewal, was apparently in town; career paths kept the couple apart but Mr. Grewal was known to fly to Phoenix from time to time.

Colleagues went to Ms. Kaur's house and found signs of a struggle. They saw blood. Police were called and they discovered Ms. Kaur's lifeless body inside the house. She was 30 years old.

Her husband, meanwhile, was on a flight to India. Mr. Grewal, 35, was apprehended in New Delhi and is now in Indian custody awaiting possible extradition to the United States where he may face charges in relation to his wife's death.

Those familiar with the couple have said Mr. Grewal did not like being separated from his wife, and wanted her to leave her job at a Phoenix-based medical services company where she was a software engineer. Members of Ms. Kaur's family are reported to have said that "many restrictions" were put on her. Allegedly, Mr. Grewal had attempted "to keep her confined" and had prevented her from attending a family wedding. Ms. Kaur, by several accounts, was unhappy in her marriage and was contemplating a divorce.

Two weeks earlier Mukhtiar Panghali, a resident of Surrey in suburban Vancouver, was charged with second-degree murder. His alleged victim: Manjit Panghali, his pregnant wife.

A popular 30-year-old elementary school teacher, Ms. Panghali was last seen alive in October at a prenatal yoga class. She never returned home. Her husband waited 26 hours before telling police she was missing. He then insisted to reporters he was not involved with her disappearance; however, there were indications she had antagonized members of his family including his younger brother Sukhvinder, whom she did not want living in her house.

Earlier, Sukhvinder Panghali was charged with criminal harassment of another woman. At his sister-in-law's insistence he moved into an apartment suite along with his parents.

Ms. Panghali's charred remains were found a week after her disappearance near a busy ocean port terminal in south Surrey. In addition to the murder charge, Mr. Panghali is charged with indecently interfering with a body. His brother, Sukhvinder, is charged with the same offence, and with being an accessory to murder.

In February, Amanpreet Kaur Bahia, 33, was found stabbed to death inside her Surrey home. A native of India and a farm worker, she had lived in Surrey with her husband, Baljinder, their three young children, and Baljinder's parents.

No charges have been laid; a police investigation continues. Mr. Bahia told reporters after his wife's funeral that he "is a suspect" in her murder. "The whole family is suspect," he added.

Navreet Kaur Waraich was stabbed to death in her Surrey home late October on her 27th birthday. Her husband, Jatinder Singh Waraich, is charged with second-degree murder and scheduled to go to trial this month.

Mr. Oppal cannot comment on the specific nature of these incidents, of course; however, he will point out the glaring similarity. He has refused to back down or retract his earlier comment. He thinks he got it right. There is a sickness in the community. It is cultural and it has to be confronted.

"Those of us in the criminal justice system know there is a disproportionate number of domestic assaults in the South Asian community," says Mr. Oppal, a former justice of the B.C. Supreme Court. "Regrettably, people are still in a state of denial about it."

According to Mr. Oppal, there is "clear evidence of gender bias in the Indo-Canadian community. Young girls are not as valued as young boys," he says.

The imbalance is demonstrated early on, he adds. "Teachers tell me that so many Indo-Canadian boys are uncontrollable from a disciplinary perspective. They bring that conduct to their personal relationships. But many people don't want to talk about that. They just don't want to do anything about it.

"Saving face is too important in our community to admit there is a problem, but it's obvious."

People outside his community seem even less inclined to discuss the issue. When Mr. Oppal addressed domestic violence in Indo-Canadian society, some mainstream academics actually demurred.

"Bringing in the 'Indo-Canadian' aspect of these women's identities stems from the persistent racism of our wonderful multicultural nation," wrote a pair of Simon Fraser University assistant professors in an opinion piece published in the Vancouver Sun.

Such warnings may be well intentioned but they are not helpful. Cultural factors do impact domestic behaviour, and can play a role leading to violence, says Ninu Kang, director of family programs at MOSAIC, an immigrant and refugee services organization based in Vancouver.

"I thought Wally Oppal's comment about a 'cancer' in the community was tremendous. I applaud it," says Ms. Kang, herself of Indian descent. "And he's right about the culture's gender bias. It is very much the case in the South Asian community."

Her organization runs programs for immigrant men who have been convicted of domestic abuse. Many participants exhibit similar traits, says Ms. Kang, including a desire to "control" their female partners, who come to Canada seeking -- and often finding -- freedoms they did not enjoy at home.

This can be especially true of South Asian women, she adds.

Indo-Canadian husbands can feel pressure to exert authority over their wives, especially in cases when the marriage has been arranged and when the couple lives with the man's parents.

"It can be problematic when living in extended family units, with different generations under one roof," notes Ms. Kang. "A woman may find herself in much more of a traditional role than she is used to or wants. Even if she loves her husband, she may be unhappy. And that can put stress on the husband."

"What I'm seeing is a backlash against women who are exercising their new empowerment," says Ms. Kang, who leads group discussions with abusive men.

"Keep in mind that people are still coming to Canada from places such as India where these freedoms may not exist. They arrive with traditional values and suddenly their world opens up to them. And this can threaten their husbands, and their families."

© National Post 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

Delicate Cultural Situation with a Simple British Solution

Sir Charles James Napier (August 10, 1782 – August 29, 1853) was a British general and Commander-in-Chief in India. The city of Napier, New Zealand, is named after him. He is famous for conquering Sindh province now in present-day Pakistan (Muslim).

A quote for which Napier is famous involves a delegation of Hindu locals approaching him and complaining about prohibition of Sati, often referred to at the time as suttee, by British authorities. This was the custom of burning widows alive on the funeral pyres of their husbands. The exact wording of his response varies somewhat in different reports, but the following version captures its essence:

"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome to the World of Tolerant and Merciful Islam, Coming to a Country Near YOU

Her expression speaks Volumes about Islam,she is someones Beloved Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Mother, Wife, Teacher.

Is this a Religion you want in your Country?